Hi, I'm Chih-ling Kuo. Nice to meet you. I grew up in Taiwan, a small island with friendly people. Chinese is my native language. I worked as an exhibition designer, and I have a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Taiwan. In 2018, I made a different decision, I decided to take the User Experience Design postgraduate program at Humber college and to get a beautiful life experience in Toronto. I enjoy problem-solving and provide positive solutions to people in need. As a UX designer, we can improve technology to become more accessible; we can make something that everyone can use easily without any hesitation.


UX Design

Persona   •    Storyboarding   •   Wireframing   •   Prototyping
Affinity Diagramming  •  Journey Maps  •  Task Flow Diagram

UX Research

Usability Testing  •  User Interview  •  Empathy Mapping
Heuristic Evaluation  •  Diary Study  •  Affinity Diagramming



Figma is an online design software. I use it to make prototypes, specs, and deliver design to developer.

Adobe XD

I use Adobe XD for building prototypes, and this tool also allows me to create micro-interactions and voice interface.


Sketch is a design tool that can help us to built the wireframes and prototypes for both mobile App design and Web design.


I use Illustrator to draw diagrams, wireframes, and make some vector graphics.


I learned the basic of HTML and CSS. This portfolio website is build by myself.


I use it to draw construction drawings for exhibition design and interior design.


Glasnostic | UX/UI Designer

Sep 2019 - Jul 2022

As the UX/UI designer, I oversaw the company website and product. Since I was the only designer in this startup company, I was involved in every design task. Work closely with CEO and front-end engineers, crossing communications with backend team. Our product is very unique and design for DevOps developers. Simplify the complexity is my daily challenge.

LTUX Taipei | UX culture promoter (Volunteer)

Aug 2020 - Present

As a UX culture promoter, I hold events and invite UX/UI experts to share their experience. I enjoy coolabrating with other volunteers and experts. The best part is we are helping people to know more about the value of UX design. For people who want to change career, we also provides events to analyze the UX career and share tips for preparing a UX position protfolio.

School Group Non-profit Organazation |
UX Designer (Volunteer)

Apr 2019 - Mar 2020

My primary role is to improve the School Group Corporate website also eLearning platform becomes more feasible, accessible, and more interesting for the users. I follow the design thinking process to conduct the project remotely with four other team members around the world.

Humber College | UX Postgraduate Student

Sep 2018 - Apr 2019

Taking User Experience Design postgraduate porgram of Humber College. GPA 86.75

Grocery Gateway | UX design co-op project

Nov 2018 - Dec 2018

Grocery Gateway collaborated with Humber UXD. We modified My favourite section to remove the barriers between existing customers and new products. Also, we found out issues, improved App and website to become more accessible for all the users.

Design Space Inc. | Exhibition Designer

Jul 2015 - Oct 2016

I worked as an exhibition designer in Design Space Inc which offering design and service for global exhibitions. I was in charge of construction drawings, project contracting, and supervision of construction.

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences | Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Sep 2010 - Jun 2014

This major is mianly do mathematical calculation. To ensure the structure of the building is strong enough, to calculate the suitable numbers of materials are sufficient for a building.