Grocery Gateway
Grocery Gateway is Canada’s largest online grocery delivery service.They provide personal shopper packs customers order with care and their delivery team brings consumers groceries right to their kitchen table.


Sara Cheng, Jinyun Park, Chih-Ling Kuo


December 2018


Grocery Gateway collaborate with Humber UXD students to help them facilitate the My Favorites users to view more products in other categories. The company wish us to remove the barriers between existing customers and new products. Furthermore, finding out issues of App and website and improve them become more accessible for all the users.


User interview
Task evaluation
Affinity diagramming
Journey maps
Lo-Hi fidelity prototype
Formal usability testing

What are "My Favourites"?

My Favourites
“My Favourites” is where we save the items you purchase most frequently so you don’t need to go looking for them again. Your top 100 products are saved for you to add to your cart with one click. — Grocery Gateway

The website page of My Favorites section

Problem Definition


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

The Narrow Sight of My favourites

For My favourites users, they are used to order the items in My favourites.Nevertheless, they reduce the opptunity to see more items out side their favourite section.

How might we reimagine ‘My Favourites’ in a way that allows users to shop in an efficient manner while exposing them to new products and moments of inspiration leading to increased incremental sales and brand loyalty?


Design Process

phase 1:Inspiration

User Interview

While conducting the interview, we have to try to make the participant feel comfort without having nervious. Also, don't make yourself looks nervious too. Your preformance might influlence the participant.

Task Evaluation

Task Evaluation form is a useful toolkit to help you list out each step that the user did, and analysis the issues. On this form, we have to fill out the steps, user independency, and time. After we fill out the form, the flow and the issues will appear obvious.

Task Evaluation Form

User Interview

phase 2:Synthesis

A persona is a representation of a type of customer. Personas answer the question, “Who are we designing for?” and they help to align strategy and goals to specific user groups.— Gregg Bernstein


User Interview Insights

Tagging of User Interview Insights

After user interview, we transcribe the interview content from our recordings. Then, we used these 8 labels to help us organize the scripts. We wrote down all the scripts on the memos and arranged them on the wall. The scripts which have the same label were put together as you can see.

Affinity Diagramming

After the Tagging. We came out insights from these labelled scripts. Then, we wrote down our insights and used them to create an Affinity Diagram. After we made the relevant insights into groups, we realized them can be three categories. The three categories are User, My favourite, and Shopping experience of Grocery gateway.

In the category of user, the insights are all about participant herself. What she usually does, who she interacts with and how her behaviour change.

In the category of My favourite, these insights come from how user using My favourite, what are her expectation and frustration.

For the category of Grocery gateway, the insights are about her shopping experience of overall Grocery Gateway.

Affinity Diagram

Executive Research Summary

phase 3:Ideation

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Map
A customer journey map is a story designed to provide insights into the customer’s journey. It is not designed to represent a 100% real experience with all its nuances.— Paul Boag


Wireframe My faviourites section of the mobile App

Phase 4: Prototyping

Digital Prototyping

Prototyping of Mobile APP

Prototyping of website

Formal Usabilty Testing

Reiterate Design

Redesign Prototype of Mobile APP

Redesign Prototype of Website

Next Steps

Formal usabilty testing with more users
Final render


User interview is beneficial for research, we appreciate our participate share her feelings and experience while using the mobile App and website. Affinity diagramming can help us pull out the crucial insights, making our research findings clear and organized. Prototyping is a long way to go, we iterate for several times. We tested our prototype by followed the tasks instructions we'll ask participants to do. Thanks for my two supporting teammates, we were going very well during this project.
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