HealthierU is a mobile app we create that promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Sara Cheng, Chih-ling Kuo, Jiyun Park


Sep to Dec, 2018


We create a mobile App to solve the Health issues for nowadays, also apply the Human-certered design concept for this project. HealthierU is a mobile app that promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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Do you have the same issue?

Have you ever saw a delicious recipe inadvertently in the middle of the day and you want to fulfill it for dinner? But what’s stopping you from making that happen?
  • Your fridge is out of stock

  • No time to go grocery shopping after long day school/work to get the ingredients

  • Don’t feel it is a good day for going grocery shopping (e.g. weather, tired)

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  1. The ‘Targeted Recipe’ feature feeds to the users’ health and lifestyle goal.
  2. Spread recipe recommendations that straighten with the users' health goals.
  3. Each recipe will display the ingredients’ nutritional value and top features of that recipe.
  4. Promote local cooking events.
  5. Users can shop for recipes where they’ll be able to choose the ingredients they need and have ingredients delivered directly to their door.

Design Process

The design process

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Healthy eating become increasingly important to Canadians- By Chris Powell

Healthy eating becomes more important than you think

Nearly 50% of Canadians feel guilty when they eat food that they consider unhealthy.

84% of consumers believe what they eat impacts their physical health and 63% also agree eating can affect their emotional well being.

In this study, 72% of men and 80% of women try to eat healthily.


  • People who are want to achieve a healthy life by building smart eating habits.
  • People who have no time to go grocery shopping.
  • People like to skim through recipes and want to recreate it.
  • People who want to find recipes that are targeted/fed to their health needs.

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What make us stand out from the competition?

Our app groups recipes by categories.

For instance, all the muscle building, antioxidant, and cancer-preventing recipes are well organized into different categories.

Our app has a filter feature that allows users to sift and choose what components they are looking for in a recipe.

Our ‘Targeted Recipes’ feature displays recipe categories that ingratiate to the users’ recipe preference, health goals, and needs.

During the sign-up process, users will answer what sort of recipes they are interested in, so then the app can personalize their dashboard to match their needs.

Our app offers shop by recipe feature.

Users can shop and customized recipe ingredients of the recipe we provides. After deciding the specific health recipe they want , they can move on to choose the necessary components they need and then have the ingredients delivered directly to their door.

Our app promotes local cooking events.

Users are able to browse through cooking events available in their area. These promoted events will encourage users to learn more about healthy eating, tips and know-how for preparing meals.

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Understanding Consumer

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Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on unsplash

This project conduct for three months. During these months we were learning while doing. My team members and I have a tacit understanding. We collaborate in harmony.
The hardest part of this project is we decide to reduce the function of the App. Since I know, we should focus on the recipes rather than calories calculate, and activity analyzes role. Besides, there's a lot of App already do the calories calculate, and iOS system also including the exercise analyze function. Therefore, we cut off these two. I appreciate my team members always give me great support. We glad our working hard comes out a good result.
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